We recently received this letter from Steve Pope, the project manager for the City of Waycross, Georgia’s Bandalong Litter Trap. The letter highlights the success of the Bandalong Litter Trap in the Satilla River and the city’s satisfaction working with Storm Water Systems, Inc. We are proud of the work we are helping municipalities to do in order to keep all of our waterways clean, and we had to share this with you. Keep reading to see how just how much litter the Bandalong Litter Trap has intercepted, in turn preventing it from entering the Atlantic Ocean.

January 7, 2014


Now that the City of Waycross has had its Bandalong Litter Trap in operation for a little over three and one-half years, I can say that it has been a total success for us. Our litter trap has been in service since early April 2010, and to date we have emptied 349 cubic yards of floating litter, and that is with 148.7 inches of rainfall. We feel that we are intercepting and removing at least 99% of floating litter from our canal system just before it would be entering the Satilla River, one of the most pristine black-water rivers in the State of Georgia. This litter which the Bandalong is capturing would be flowing into the Atlantic Ocean through St. Andrews Sound, between two of the famous Golden Isles of Georgia, Jekyll Island and Cumberland Island.

We in the City of Waycross Engineering Dept. have been extremely satisfied not only with the superior build quality with which the Bandalong is crafted, but also with the first-rate service after the sale and the commitment to quality and to clean water which Storm Water Systems, Inc. has demonstrated.

Thank you,

Steve Pope
Project Manager
Engineering Dept.
City of Waycross


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