In a recent article published by GeogiaTrend, Storm Water Systems is featured as “Trendsetters: Water Warriors.” In the article, you will learn more about the origins of Storm Water Systems and how our products are impacting the nation.

Gary Hopkins and his business partner Mark Kirves started Storm Water Systems about 10 years ago in an effort to solve a major problem facing the globe. Cleaning waterways by trapping garbage before it has a chance to wash downstream.

Our revolutionary systems have been installed across the U.S. In Mobile, AL 30 dump trucks full of garbage are collected and removed each year from just one litter trap.

“We also use the Bandalong Traps for education,” Gary Hopkins says. “We put signs on them to build public awareness of where the stuff ends up. The biggest thing we can do is educate people. Our goal is to get people to put their darn trash where it’s supposed to go.”

To read the full article, click here: “Trendsetters: Water Warriors

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