It was just a year ago when Storm Water Systems installed the Flat Creek Bandalong Litter Trap in Gainesville, Georgia (similar to the one pictured above).

Not only has the device produced a steady flow of trash and recyclables, but officials are now looking at installing another such device — as part of efforts to curb the amount of pollution that ends up in Lake Lanier.

-Jeff Gill, Gainesville Times (View Gainesville Times Article)

The Bandalong Litter Trap has left officials surprised at the amount of trash collected. The trap works to gather trash and debris as it passes downstream. The Gainesville trap is located just south of the Flat Creek Water Reclamation Facility on Old Flowery Branch Road; the location was important for gathering trash before it entered Lake Lanier.

Gainesville City and Hall County joined forces to have the trap installed at Flat Creek in December 2015. In this region trash removal is typically a manual job, requiring hours of volunteer or city crew time to gather and dispose of trash spread throughout Lake Lanier and the streams, rivers, and creeks feeding into it. By using the Bandalong Litter Trap trash can be collected passively 24/7 and only emptied when full or after major rain events.

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