For years, Austin’s Waller Creek has had severe flooding, as well as erosion and water quality problems. The tunnel project, the largest Storm Water Systems project in the State of Texas, will consist of a mile long tunnel to convey floodwaters caused by stormwater runoff from 28 acres in downtown Austin into Lady Bird Lake. The 4th Street inlet will be the first part of the project to address trash trap technology used by Storm Water Systems, a Cleveland, GA company using their StormX trash trap with disposable open area mesh netting.

StormX has been used for over 15 years in other parts of the world under the name Pratten Trap and brought to the U.S. five years ago. Storm Water Systems uses common sense and proven products in their efforts to clean waterways of trash caused from littering. Litter debris enters waterways every time it rains, with rain washing trash into storm drains and drainage ditches. “This is not a problem unique to Austin, Texas. We live in a disposable society, filled with plastic consumer packaging. Many people don’t understand the impact on our waterways and the ecological system is the root of the problem. In addition, our oceans are becoming plastic landfills. The United Nations estimates that 80% of marine debris found in our oceans originates from land based sources.

The city of Austin. TX has stepped up to the plate and become a leader in clean water preservation, an example to other cities using this technology. The general contractor for the project is S.J. Louis, headquartered in Rockville, MN and the subcontractor is CVI Development based in Austin. Storm Water Systems is proud to be chosen as part of the solution to clean Austin’s waterways using the StormX technology.

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