Storm Water Systems have installed two new Bandalong Traps in Gainesville, Georgia and Lafayette, Louisiana. Due to recent weather patterns the traps are already proving useful and beneficial to each community.

Installed in mid-December, the Gainesville trap is already working overtime due to excessive rains. The trap is located on Flat Creek near the Flat Creek Water Reclamation Facility on Old Flowery Branch Road in Gainesville. The traps purpose is to reduce trash build-up in the Flat Creek waterway which flows into Lake Lanier.

Erik Lunsford is a pre-treatment coordinator for city of Gainesville. “It’s been effective; it’s definitely doing the job. It’s catching a lot of litter.” said Lunsford in an article for the Gainesville Times.

In that same article, Department of Water Resources Director Kelly Randall said that “any trash you can get out of the water is worth it … much of it is plastic, and plastic will break down, but it takes a very long period of time.”

Just since the trap’s installation last month, several full-sized trash bags full of cans, bottles, sticks, even soccer balls and drink coolers have been collected, notes City of Gainesville environmental services administrator Horace Gee.

The crew in Louisiana has seen similar success due to the use of the Bandalong trap. In an article for The Advertiser, the Lafayette crew’s typical day was recorded. It takes a full team to clean out the traps as they fill very quickly, clean ups “which can include anything from using picker to remove floating items like soda cans and Styrofoam containers to removing larger objects like tires and appliances using a grappler” (see source).

But the job is not all work and no play, according to the article in The Advertiser “[the crew] joke about some of the funny and strange objects they’ve found in the river, some worth keeping like the electric guitar that serves as a conversation piece in the team’s office, furniture they’ve cleaned and restored, and one of the river’s most prolific finds: sports balls that Lafayette native Peter Durand, the newest member of the team, often cleans and brings back for children in his neighborhood.”

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