Modular Connected Pipe Screen

Adapt-A-Trap Modular Connected Pipe Screen

Adapt-A-TrapTM keeps floatables, trash and debris out of your storm drain systems and ultimately, out of rivers and streams.

Modular construction means Adapt-A-Trap can fit a variety of catch basins and most drain system pipes. On-site installation is inexpensive, easier and less time consuming.


A variety of screen hole sizes allows you to capture litter as small as cigarette butts, yet tough stainless steel construction withstands truck removal procedures.


Statistics and Construction

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Overflow design prevents flooding
  • Security fasteners available
  • Variety of screen hole sizes (Standard: 5mm)
  • Sloped hood with bypass prevents blockage
  • Designed for high flow rates
  • Tools needed for installation: Hammer drill and wrenches
  • Made in USA

Unique Features

  • Modular panels are easy to assemble
  • Adapts to a variety of different diameter pipe sizes
  • Adapts to fit most catch drain basins
  • Effective in catching litter as small as cigarette butts
  • Stainless steel construction is tough enough to withstand vacuum truck removal procedures

Purchasing Information

  • To receive more information about Adapt-A-TrapTM or information about purchasing, please contact Storm Water Systems at (888) 730-5819.



Modular panels fit through existing manways and are easy to assemble.

Adapt-A-Trap is designed for high flow rate.